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Connect, Build, Thrive

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CLYQ is your gateway to finding Co-Founders and opportunities in the Web3 Space.

Create your profile and generate an NFT for your web3 identity and start swiping for projects and opportunity! 

Are you a #DeFi Samurai, #SmartContractMage #NFTNinja? Select your web3 character and start your web3 adventure!

Metaverse, VR, AR 

Layer 1 & 2 protocols

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Decentralised Identities

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Smart Contracts


Unlock endless opportunities

01. Create web3 Identity

Match with the right project or skill set by creating your profile. This will generate an NFT that you can use as a business card to CLYQ with others offline. You can even one of your NFTs you love as your profile picture..keeping it degen all the way!

02. Approve, Discover and Connect

To ensure the best founders and builders are on the platform, only approved profiles are added. Once approved, you can swipe through profiles to find your perfect co-founder or investment opportunity by setting filters on your preferences on industries, skills and expertise.

03. Collaborate and Thrive

Build a disruptive project or invest in one. With CLYQ, the possibilities are endless. Upon CLYQ'ing you can direct message each other on the platform. 



Global Talent Pool

Work on the future of the internet with other co creators sharing skills and concepts to gain ownership of our online future

Decentralised Future

The future of the internet is decentralised. Get involved with cutting edge web3 projects in your area of experience. 


web3 is about community. Connect and get feedback from the community on your ideas and co create together.



Investment Opportunities: The CLYQ Tokenomics & DAO 🌱

For those looking to deepen their engagement, our DAO offers exclusive opportunities to co-invest in the next wave of Web3 innovation.

  • Co-Invest in Emerging Startups: Use CLYQ Tokens to invest in promising projects born from our matching platform.

  • Community-Driven Investments: As a DAO member, vote on which startups the community should back, steering the direction of Web3’s future.

  • Shared Success: Earn returns as the projects you’ve co-invested in thrive and reshape the digital landscape.

Get a Demo

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Sign up to join the waiting list and get opportunity to showcase your project ahead of others!


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