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Match with the right project or skill set by creating your profile detailing your concept and what skill set you require OR if you are browsing for projects then create your personal profile with your skillset and background

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The community decides the merit of concepts and teams involved with concepts. The more 'likes' a project gains, the more it is showcased to the community!


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Types of projects


Work on the future of the internet with other co creators sharing skills and concepts to gain ownership of our online future


Got a wealth of experience to guide startups and entrepreneurs? Register as a mentor and get involved in exciting initiatives.

Deep tech and university spin offs

Partner and offer your expertise to commercialise deep tech innovation projects directly out of top research institutions.


"The wisdom of the crowds has peaked. Web 3.0 is taking what we've built in Web 2.0 - the wisdom of the crowds - and putting an editorial layer on it of truly talented, compensated people to make the product more trusted and refined."


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